Why Riding a Motorcycle in Thailand Makes Total Sense

Why Riding a Motorcycle in Thailand Makes Total Sense

July 29, 2021 Off By takiayabalmone

You may not know that Thailand enjoys more hours of sunshine than almost all countries and while the Kingdom has its fair share of rain, at least it is all channelled into a single season (May to November). The rest of the year offers lovely bike riding weather and even the rain showers are short and things soon dry out again, allowing you to get on your way to wherever it is that you are going. 

The Best Roads in Asia

While this might be a bold claim, Thai roads are amazing and we can Thank King Rama V, who ordered a mass road and railway network to be started in the early 20th century and the country continued to develop all transportation systems. From the far south in Had Yai to the northern borders with Laos and Cambodia, Thailand has an extensive network of highways that are very well maintained; of course, some rural areas have potholes but in general, the condition of roads in Thailand is A1.

Cheap Travelling

There’s no cheaper way to get around than a bike, which is why every Thai family has at least one (some have 4 or 5). The bike is mainly used for short trips, although there is a growing number of big bike tourers in Thailand (see Facebook groups), a touring machine can easily handle a trip to the south from Bangkok. When compared to the cost of driving a car, the bike comes out on top every time and with bike insurance with www.rabbitfinance.com/motorbike-insurance/type1, you are ready to roll!

Thrill & Adventure

Riding a big bike offers an exhilarating experience and every trip is an adventure; while making sure you have all the protective gear from head to toe. It is worth investing in the best helmet to protect your head and leather is the material to wear when bike riding and let’s not forget the hands and feet. The next long weekend, you and your partner could head off to one of the stunning National Parks found in Thailand (more than 140). The Internet can help you to plan your trip and booking overnight stays at resorts is easy online and you get the lowest rates with a digital booking. Here are good content about travel packages for your reference.

Forget the Rush Hour Traffic

If you live in Bangkok, taking to two wheels will save you a lot of time and with the right driving licence, you can ride a bike or drive a car. As most cars use the expressway, you will find less traffic on the A roads (bikes are not allowed on expressways) and riding a bike slashes the time it takes to get from A to B, while riding a bike in Bangkok does require 100% focus at all times.

More and more people are switching to bikes rather than driving the car and once you experience the thrill of big bike riding, you will be hooked.