10 ways to protect your furnace from chilling winter

10 ways to protect your furnace from chilling winter

September 16, 2021 Off By takiayabalmone

Winter is coming. And for a city like New York, dealing with sub-zero temperatures becomes a daily challenge in November and December. Cities like Manhattan with planned housing are equipped with their HVAC systems to fight the harsh weather but the impact of this extreme weather sometimes takes a toll on the heavily used machines. And these machines without proper maintenance becomes more of a trouble than help. But there is no need to worry if your heating systems are regularly checked by the efficient HVAC company NYC, then there is nothing to worry about. There are several measures we can adopt to make sure our HVAC systems are functioning at their best level. 

5 tips to prevent damage to your heating system

  1. In the chilliest days of New York, your furnace vents might be buried under the snowfall blocking the vents. This can lead to a complete shutdown of your heating system. One thing that must be done to prevent such a problem is to clear the snow build-up in the vent exits. An emergency call should be made to any HVAC company NYC and their experts would reroute the piping of your furnace vents.
  2. An overheated furnace is the result of constant use in the winter season and this can be identified by a continuous buzzing noise from your HVAC system or some strange scorching or burning smell in your rooms. If that happens, you are exposing your loved family members to carbon monoxide poisoning because your over-worked motors are melting down the wires inside the system and infusing harmful gases inside your home. Calling immediately for professional help is the solution to this problem.
  3. We need to make sure that we keep changing our furnace air filters at a regular interval. Depending on the size of the air filters, their durability is decided. 1-to-2-inch filters should be replaced every 3 months, 3-4-inch filters functions smoothly up to 9 months, and 5–6-inch filters last around 12 months after which it needs changing. 
  4. It is also important to make ourselves aware of the uses and functions of different types of air filters in our furnace. There are a variety of air filters available in the market that are specifically built to serve exclusive purposes or customized for certain types of houses. E.g., there are filters modified for keeping allergens at bay, there are also some filters that are designed for keeping your HVAC system mold-free, some filters are made to be pet friendly and there are certain types of filters that neutralize odor. You can select from the range of filters depending upon your exact needs.
  5. Finally, we need to keep in mind that our furnace has a certain lifespan. Of course, with proper care, servicing, and good maintenance by experts of HVAC company NYC, we can increase the duration of its effective functionality. But most of the furnaces last around 15 to 16 years after which it needs to be replaced.

Benefits of regular servicing

Regular servicing of your furnace by the efficient team of HVAC company NYC can save thousands of your hard-earned bucks by increasing the life cycle you’re your system. Call your HVAC experts to install a carbon monoxide detector at your home which can indicate if your furnace is poisoning your air and is in the need of a quick repair. Make sure to check all your ventilation systems and check your carbon monoxide detector and make sure the level remains under 50 parts of CO gas per million portions of air averaged during an eight-hour time duration.