Tips for saving money on plumbing

Tips for saving money on plumbing

May 30, 2019 Off By takiayabalmone

Hefty plumbing expenses and high utility bills remain a woe for many homeowners to this day. While it stands true that hiring plumbing services for big problems is inevitable, there are ways to save cash on costly plumbers and avoid expensive utility bills.

Usually, small plumbing problems like leaky faucets are overlooked and put off until they become an unavoidable and expensive issue. In order to avoid this, you must know which issues can wait and which ones need to be fixed immediately before they turn into something like a bursting water supply pipe. Get these issues fixed while they are still cheap, it will save you from that major dent in your wallet.

Dripping taps are perhaps the most common reason for costly utility bills. Faucets control the flow of water which means that they control your utility bill. Dripping faucets can waste up to 15 gallons of water a day and even add $100 to annual water bills. Make sure that you close your faucets fully, and replace any outdated ones. Invest in eco-friendly faucets that work to reduce water flow by 30 percent, are durable, and will inevitably save you money.

Do a personal inspection both inside and outside your house. Keep a lookout for drain blocks, and leaking pipes. Tree roots can also burst through pipes so be wary of that if your house has many trees. Pour water into drains that are used infrequently, this will keep them functioning, and save you that call for the plumber. You can also manually check your drains for any sort of debris, and hear for any unusual sounds created by your pipes or your toilet. You can see which issues you can fix yourself and which ones need a plumber. Personal inspections are free of cost. Added to that, any minor issue you can fix yourself will save you from hiring expensive plumbing services, and suffering from high utility bills from leakages and blockages that previously went unnoticed.

Drains are an integral part of the plumbing and must not be overlooked. Kitchen drains are especially prone to blockages due to grease and food remains being thrown into the sink. Remember to throw away grease and food particles in the dustbin otherwise they will solidify inside your drain and block it. The drains in your bathrooms should be covered with mesh so as to avoid hair from getting into them and leading to clogs. These simple and cheap techniques not only increase the durability of your pipes but can also prevent a plumbing emergency that can cost thousands of dollars.

If you live in countries where winters are extreme, then frozen and bursting pipes is common for you as is the financial expenditure that comes with it. Unfortunately, winters are inescapable and so is chemistry, but frozen pipes can be evaded. Switch on the heat in your house. Keep it at a temperature of 50 degrees and your pipes will function smoothly and not freeze.

Lastly, in order to save money on plumbing, learn a little bit of plumbing yourself. There are many DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials on the internet that can help train you to fix those dripping faucets, or those slight leakages without having to call that plumber.