Fernley, Nevada

Fernley, Nevada

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Fernley is a city located within Lyon County in the state of Nevada. Some portions of the city were within Washoe County although most of it is in Lyon, with most of the homes are located in the latter. Then, a change in the borders of the two counties moved the areas in Washoe to Lyon so that Fernley is now entirely in Lyon. The city was settled and developed as an area that is perfect for ranching and other agricultural activities. Still, education is important to the inhabitants so that even in its earliest days, a schoolhouse was already built in the area.

Fast Facts


  • The city of Fernley occupies a total area of Fernley, all comprised of land, no water.
  • It is part of the Reno-Sparks-Lake Tahoe metropolitan.
  • Fernley was first settled in 1904, with extensive irrigations helping the farms and ranches in the area flourish.
  • The city was incorporated in 2001.
  • com operates an order fulfillment center in Fernley, providing jobs to thousands of residents.
  • The city’s industrial park is also home to a number of industries and companies, including high-tech ones like UPS Worldwide Logistics (Honeywell).
  • Rising at an elevation of 4,160 ft (1,268 m), the city experiences a high desert climate.


Best Hotels Accommodations


What hotel is the best in Fernley is subject to what the traveler really needs from the accommodation option. For many travelers, staying close to the interstate and main roads is essential in keeping the trip quite convenient. Thus, Comfort Suites Fernley is among the top picks in the area. This hotel features meetings rooms, indoor swimming pool, and free wireless internet service. Best Western Fernley Inn is also near the interstate and provides travelers with microwaves, refrigerators, cable TV, and internet access in the rooms. Book your Fernley Hotels with Reservations.com.


Exploring the City


Big as it is, Fernley is difficult to explore in its entirety if the traveler only has a day or two to stay in the area. Even with a vehicle, the place is not easy to explore. Also, there are not too many tourist attractions but plenty of manufacturing plants and offices so that the exploration might be somewhat limited to visiting or touring these buildings, if ever they are open to the public at all. There are also plenty of farmlands and ranches still operating in the city. Thus, Fernley is really a wonderful place to explore to see both the urban development of modern years and the rural, bucolic community that it had once been.

When to Visit


The good news about visiting Fernley is that the climate is hardly harsh when it comes to winters. In fact, snow is not always experienced in the area. Still, winters can be cold, in perfect contrast with the very hot and dry summers that the place experiences. Thus, it would be a good idea to visit Fernley during spring or fall, when the temperatures are within the ideal range. The activities that people can enjoy in the city are not likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions but it is still wonderful to go around enjoying the place when it is not too hot or too cold.