Emerald Engagement Rings: Shocking Facts

Emerald Engagement Rings: Shocking Facts

May 10, 2021 Off By takiayabalmone

Many people believe that Emerald is not good for an engagement ring as it is very soft. But if I tell you that Emeralds are harder than any other common gem, will you consider it as an engagement ring stone option?

Read on below to know some shocking facts about Emerald Engagement rings.

  1. Shocking Fact #1: Emeralds are Scratch Resistant

Being a 7.5-8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, Yes, Emeralds are quite scratch resistant. This actually means that emeralds are a good option for everyday wear! And many people don’t even know that Emeralds do have extensive inclusions. Many jewellers call these exclusive Emerald inclusions its “Jardin”. And it is extremely normal.

  1. Shocking Fact #2: High Quality Emeralds are Rarer than Diamonds

Yes, High quality natural emeralds are rare than diamonds. It takes around 2.5x extra rock to locate an exclusive Emerald than it does in case of a Diamond. So, you can be rest assured if you wanted to go for Emerald as an engagement ring option.

3.Shocking Fact #3: Emeralds can be Eye-Clean:

Emeralds are a Type IIIstone, and we all expect them to have inclusions. And many times the gem is somewhat cloudy. However, in that case super high-quality natural Emerald can be eye-clean! Another way of selecting an Emerald which is eye-clean is to select a Lab- Created Emerald. Lab Created Emeralds have the exact similar mineral makeup as a natural Emerald, but it will not show a Jardin.

  1. Shocking Fact #4: Lab Created Emeralds doesn’t harm your Pocket:

Natural top triple A quality is more expensive than diamonds. The only reason is they are rare and more expensive to find too. However, if you like the overall look of an Emerald with jardin, then you can certainly find a natural emerald which is less expensive than diamond, and you can use that as an engagement ring. Even the lab- created Emeralds on moissanite rings  are very much affordable and a lab created emerald is less expensive than a lab created diamond.

  1. Shocking Fact #5: Natural Stones are Oiled for Beauty:

To make Jardin less noticeable in Emerald, and its more and more green, natural emeralds are oiled once they are faceted. Don’t get confused as this is absolutely normal and all natural emeralds are expected to be oiled. Just think like hot oil treatment is getting poured on your hair! Because natural emeralds are oiled, they should be cleaned with the help of hands in warm soapy water and not with a steam cleaner.

So, Emeralds make great engagement rings; they are rare, beautiful and most importantly durable. And most people prefer it as they are said to bring good fortune too.