Choosing the right kids ID for back to school

Choosing the right kids ID for back to school

September 26, 2019 Off By takiayabalmone

It’s that time of year again. You’ve purchased and labelled new school supplies, the school uniforms are organised and you’ve stocked the fridge ready to prepare school lunches (or are at least thinking about it). The beginning of the year is often spent making sure our kids have everything they need for school, but what about their MedicAlert ID? Wearing a MedicAlert ID gives parents and caregivers peace of mind should an emergency arise, it helps kids to feel safe and the school community to identify and manage a students’ health issues.

Designed especially for kids, our children’s collection offers a large variety of fashionable and practical medical identification jewellery. From vibrant sports bands to gold-filled bracelets, there’s a unique product for every boy or girl. Below are some questions to consider when selecting the best ID for your child.

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Bracelets can sometimes be annoying and cause irritation to kids if they’re required to wear them daily.So,whether you’re looking to purchase a real 14k gold id bracelet for your child vs a gold-plated id bracelet, This is an important things that you should know about 14k real gold id bracelet.


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Here are some of the safety concerns associated with baby jewelry:

What is the best type of ID?

Necklaces are not recommended for children aged 12 years and under due to choking hazards, therefore we advise a bracelet or band style ID for children under the age of 12.

What type of material?

Kids can be active! That’s why MedicAlert IDs are made from the toughest materials. All IDs are made from durable, non-allergenic stainless steel and are designed to be worn 24/7. We have a range of band styles to choose from to suit every child and their activities including stainless steel chains, nylon sports bands, easy-flex silicone bands, rope and braided bands and even 9 carat gold bracelets. We offer a range of materials to ensure kids with metal or fabric allergies are catered for. Bands come in a range of colours and patterns, with some being interchangeable so kids can switch up their look.

What size?

MedicAlert IDs come in a range of sizes. It’s important to make sure the ID fits your child properly so that it is secure, comfortable and to prevent it from falling off. To ensure an accurate fit, measure your child’s wrist using our measuring instructions.

Consider an ID that can be adjusted as your child grows. Sports bands and silicone bands that have interchangeable bands that can easily be added. Most of our gold bracelets can also be sized up by adding in extra links. Our curb chain bracelets includes a safety clasp that makes it more difficult to remove if you’re concerned your child may try to take their ID off.

What to engrave?

Medical ID engraving is free and customised to your individual needs. A unique membership number, your child’s health conditions or specials needs, and our 24/7 emergency response service number will be engraved on the back of their ID. The amount of space for this will be determined by the size of the ID you select.

MedicAlert has engraving standards and guidelines to make sure that engraving and the terminology of the medical condition, medications or allergies are easy to read and understood in an emergency. This is what makes us different to our competitors, as we clarify the information you provide to us and ensure it can be recognised easily in an emergency situation by checking it against international medical terminology standards.

What does MedicAlert membership include?

MedicAlert Foundation offers more than medical identification jewellery. When you purchase a genuine MedicAlert product, you’re also investing in a vital MedicAlert membership. Together with your child’s ID, our membership provides them with complete protection in an emergency.

A MedicAlert membership will give your child access to our 24/7 emergency response service. What this means is if a healthcare professional requires more information, our response team can provide it to them by accessing their secure MedicAlert electronic health record. This helps to determine appropriate treatment or medication management. Our service ensures that members who have memory loss, special needs and communication challenges and may be prone to wandering are identified, then quickly and safely reunited with loved ones.