Benefits of Having Your Boiler Service Regularly

Benefits of Having Your Boiler Service Regularly

June 9, 2019 Off By takiayabalmone

Listed below are 4 benefits of getting your boiler service regularly in the home as the boiler within the home is one of the very most expensive and essential items which you’ll be using nearly every day through the winter.
Because of that you will need to keep the boiler working safely throughout the year, so it is essential that you own it serviced regularly.

Safety: Overall gas leaks are rare, as regular maintenance can help avoid such incidences and keep your home safe.

Energy efficiency: Regular boiler servicing is a superb way of making certain your home boiler uses energy in the most effective manner and doesn’t offer you high heating bills.

Extend boiler life: An gross annual gas boiler service will ensure that you can use your boiler for the longest time possible.

Boiler cover claims: Please remember that if you have a boiler cover, the house insurance company will demand boiler service records to honour your boiler repair claim.

boiler maintenance cost
A full service of your boiler will definitely cost approximately between £50 and £80. For high-efficiency condensing boiler the service costs typically range between £80 to £160.

A full boiler service includes the next:
Testing all the different parts of the boiler
Cleaning of the boiler pipes/ components
Replacement of faulty parts
By law, it’s the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that gas appliances installed in the house, including boilers, are working properly.