Accessibe Announces a Television Advertising Campaign

Accessibe Announces a Television Advertising Campaign

September 21, 2021 Off By takiayabalmone

The formal launch of a national television ad campaign was done by a strong brand from Israel. They aim to control corporations to make their products or services available on the Web. It’s also the first time a private entity has addressed the issue of web standards on national broadcast television.

Features of the Accessibility Profiles provided by AccessiBe:

The most recent upgrade from AccessiBe includes the addition of Accessibility Profiles, which group together typical accessibility configurations that match the demands of a certain handicap. The profiles make the network more accessible to people with disabilities by making it easier, faster, and more thorough to navigate websites.

Before the modification, the web accessibility interface allowed users to choose each highly efficient variation that they wanted to execute one at a time. The new Accessibility Programmes enable users to select numerous accessibility options at the same time. There are six different types of accessibility profiles:

  • The epilepsy risk profile
  • Profile of a visually impaired person
  • Profile of developmental disorder
  • ADHD-friendly personality type
  • Profiling of visually impaired users (screen readers)
  • Profile for Keyboard Navigation (Motor Impaired)

The web content accessibility industry is poised to increase further

The web accessibility industry is presently valued at $481 million, and it is expected to grow by 2026, owing primarily to the world’s aging population. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2030, 2 billion individuals will use at least one assistive technology.

COVID-19 has increased society’s reliance on the internet by emphasizing the importance of accessible websites for people who are disabled to read media and safety instructions, acquire food and medication, obtain health treatment, and enjoy entertainment.

According to Shir Ekerling, CEO and co-founder of accessiBe, Accessibility Profiles bring us closer and closer to our aim of generating the entire internet inclusive by 2025. They can only do so by listening to their group of disabled users, who help them in developing even more, and in distributing the message to every site admin around the globe.

Details about the TV campaign

The TV advertising campaign, named “The Unstoppable,” attempts to reach out to businesses to persuade them to accommodate the requirements of disabled individuals online. The advertising seeks to open the minds and hearts of company leaders for them to appreciate the necessity of Internet accessibility. 

About WebAccessibility 

People with impairments can use websites and web tools that are appropriately designed and coded. However, many websites and products are already built with accessibility hurdles, making them difficult or impossible to use for some people.

With Web Accessibility, individuals can, for example:

  • See
  • Comprehend
  • Navigate
  • Interact with the Internet
  • Contribute to the online world.

Web accessibility refers to all limitations that prevent people from using the internet, such as:

  • cognitive
  • auditory
  • visual
  • physical
  • neurological
  • speech

Companies and organizations that wish to produce elevated websites and web tools without excluding people from using their goods and services must consider accessibility. The most recent AccessiBe features arrive at a time when the Internet has unquestionably become indispensable.