A Movie List  for  Trading CFDs and Movie Buffs 

A Movie List  for  Trading CFDs and Movie Buffs 

February 18, 2021 Off By takiayabalmone

Market scenarios and situations especially in the field of trading CFDs is a great subject for media production materials such as talk shows, documentaries and of course movies. Aside from entertainment, these materials serve as powerful tools to convey lessons in the lives of traders. For movie and trading buffs, we bring a movie list which will surely help you enjoy while learning.

4 Movies that Win the Interest of CFD Traders

1.Margin Call

With its title alone, it is pretty obvious that this movie is a must watch for trading enthusiasts. According to most reviews, the production company was good enough to create a movie that captures the risks and challenges that traders meet when a financial firm goes bad. It shows issues on margins, volatility and even dealing with complex derivative instruments such as trading CFDs. Shown in 2011, this financial thriller stars seasoned hollywood actress Demi Moore along with other artists. In case you’re into award winning movies, The Margin Call was able to get several nominations from award winning bodies including Academy Awards.

  1. Wall Street

If you were born sometime in the 90s, then this movie is surely made way before you were born. Does it sound boring you? Oh no dear, Wall Street is more than just the usual old school movie which you are thinking of. The powerful cast is made up of high paying Hollywood stars such as Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. For additional trivia, this movie was made to pay tribute to the writer’s father who used to work as a stock broker. With Charlie Sheen playing Bud Fox, who plays an ambitious broker. 

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street

This controversial drama comedy film is co-produced by Leonardo Di Carpio. But because of so much profanity, the film is intended for adults.  The movie is based on a real life situation, regarding an infamous brokerage firm. Similar to other movies in the list, this movie no matter how controversial the film is, it has won the Guinness World Records for most number of swears in the film. Moreover, it also has garnered nominations in various awards for the Golden Globe Awards.

  1. Trading Places

Another classic film which was shown  in 1983 made it to our movie list. Having famous comedian Eddie Murphy on your television is definitely a breath of fresh air after a busy trading schedule. With the film being centered on Eddie Murphy who plays the role of a poor con artist who exchanged positions with a rich commodities broker, the movie became a box office hit and has won several positive reviews. 


 For financial enthusiasts and traders of CFDs, the movies that made it to our list are good avenues to expose yourself to possible worst case scenarios through vicarious experience. I must say that movies with such themes are good learning materials to devise and learn  better strategies that can be applied to your own trade. It is then suggested that you try to enjoy your leisure time by adding up finance inspired movies on your list.